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9 Year Celebration
16 October 2021
Starts: 10:00AM
Ends: 6:00PM

9 Year Anniversary Celebration

Here's What's Happening:

20% off all Tumbled Stones and Specimens

Sound Healing Sessions with Katie Carp

Katie will be available from 12-4pm

15 minute session for $15

Experience a snippet of Sound healing, vibrations that intertwine with the body on a subtle level balancing and harmonizing.  In this session a weighted 64hz tuning fork  for relief of sore muscles and a 136hz fork for balance and general well-being will be used.  Katie Carp has a level 1 certification from the Maayaa International Healing School.  Sound healing can be beneficial but it is not a substitute for a Doctor's care.

 Reiki Sessions with Wendy Fox

Time: 11-4
Cost: $25.00 for 20 minutes

Hello! My name is Wendy Fox. I am a Reiki Master, receiving my certification in 2019. I am also a spiritual medium, specializing in clearing the home/dwelling of unwanted spirits along with the ability to cross spirits over when necessary. I have always been a very spiritual person. Reiki is my way of sharing that spirituality with others and helping them to balance their physical energy along with their spiritual energy which in turns brings the body, mind and soul to a welcoming relaxation and peace

Call to book! Walks in welcome if available 

Jo-Made Intentions

Handmade Jewelry using semi-precious stones.

Shine Bright Tye Dyes
with Logan Rose


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